Month: December 2016

Current Reading List + Book Wishlist

Blabbers, Uncategorized December 28, 2016

Sometimes I look back and can’t believe that I used to be a bookworm. And it’s not because I can’t imagine myself with a book or am not the type to enjoy reading anymore. No, it’s because I haven’t touched a book in such a long time that just thinking about it makes me silently go ‘woah.’

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Guide to 2017: Continue The Game, Don’t Start Over (+Printable For Your Planner!)

Blabbers December 19, 2016

Would you look at the calendar, it’s December already (actually, we’ve reached the halfway point, uh-oh!) This means exactly two things:

  1. 2016 is coming to an end and I’d say it’s about time for this;
  2. 2017 is approaching with such speed that I hope you’re wearing seatbelts;

In order not to crash into 2017 completely unprepared and shaken (yes, I just used the shook meme), do some planning in advance and get the most out of your year! Doesn’t that sound overwhelming, though?  Many people look at New Year’s Eve as some kind of miraculous gateway to a better life – so many empty promises get thrown into the night’s sky just to satisfy the craving of a better year. But how many examples are there that it will not be like that at all? (If we were to be honest ’round here, how long did your New Year promises last? Mine did for about a couple of months with many downfalls already in the first one. Yikes.)

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On Poetry

Blabbers, Poetry, Word Art December 3, 2016

Take a few steps in

The water becomes colder

Numbing the feelings

Diving in deeper

Just as I become older

My journey begins

When it comes to poetry, my journey begins way earlier than you’d expect. However, at the time I was less aware of the word ‘poetry’ and more into ‘these lines sound pretty when they rhyme.’ 

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