On Poetry

Take a few steps in

The water becomes colder

Numbing the feelings

Diving in deeper

Just as I become older

My journey begins

When it comes to poetry, my journey begins way earlier than you’d expect. However, at the time I was less aware of the word ‘poetry’ and more into ‘these lines sound pretty when they rhyme.’ 

I was around 11 when I started exploring lyrics. It made sense because what else could be rhymed perfectly other than lyrics? You can say so much with a song – I thought as I started grasping the surface of self-expression.img_20161022_010406

The songwriting phase ended when I realised that I couldn’t make sense of the art of melodies and playing an instrument made me stress more than I wanted to.

Then we started to explore the world of poetry in our high school’s literature class. Certified facts coming from me – I felt like I’ve found it. Doesn’t really matter what exactly, but I found something.


And that something kept me through so much – classes that didn’t make sense, feelings that didn’t make sense, concepts that didn’t make sense to someone so young. Words became a way to figure it out, just like for some of my favourite poets.

So as my journey continues, I would love to share my writings! I post them on my Instagram if I have something written, so please follow me to see more! ♥


I still find songwriting to be one of my favourite art forms. I continue to be fascinated of how much you can say with a few carefully chosen words.

The art of words is something that I have yet to learn, so in the meantime let’s enjoy other amazing artists and their thoughts :)

Thank you for reading! Now I’m curious if you have a song which lyrics you absolutely love? Share with me!