On Poetry

Blabbers, Poetry, Word Art December 3, 2016

Take a few steps in

The water becomes colder

Numbing the feelings

Diving in deeper

Just as I become older

My journey begins

When it comes to poetry, my journey begins way earlier than you’d expect. However, at the time I was less aware of the word ‘poetry’ and more into ‘these lines sound pretty when they rhyme.’ 

I was around 11 when I started exploring lyrics. It made sense because what else could be rhymed perfectly other than lyrics? You can say so much with a song – I thought as I started grasping the surface of self-expression.img_20161022_010406

The songwriting phase ended when I realised that I couldn’t make sense of the art of melodies and playing an instrument made me stress more than I wanted to.

Then we started to explore the world of poetry in our high school’s literature class. Certified facts coming from me – I felt like I’ve found it. Doesn’t really matter what exactly, but I found something.


And that something kept me through so much – classes that didn’t make sense, feelings that didn’t make sense, concepts that didn’t make sense to someone so young. Words became a way to figure it out, just like for some of my favourite poets.

So as my journey continues, I would love to share my writings! I post them on my Instagram if I have something written, so please follow me to see more! ♥


I still find songwriting to be one of my favourite art forms. I continue to be fascinated of how much you can say with a few carefully chosen words.

The art of words is something that I have yet to learn, so in the meantime let’s enjoy other amazing artists and their thoughts :)

Thank you for reading! Now I’m curious if you have a song which lyrics you absolutely love? Share with me!


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  1. Noor Unnahar Siddique says on December 14, 2016

    BEAUTIFUL! i am definitely too keen for rhyming words (esp when i am writing my own pieces) but it doesn’t always matter. Some of the most beautiful pieces i have ever come across didn’t rhyme (like Warsan Shire & Rupi Kaur’s pieces).

    All the 1975 songs have meaningful lyrics that i luuvvvvvv!!!! but currently, Lorde’s songs Team + Ribs lyrics are stuffed in my head


    • Vika says on December 26, 2016

      Thank you!!! And yes, sometimes it does sound more poetic without rhyming but for me, there’s nothing more pleasant (okay, maybe this statement is too much…) than two lines rhyming perfectly together, falling into place like two pieces of a puzzle and suddenly everything makes sense, haha.

      I’m guilty for not falling for the 1975 hype and will be sweating in my seat nervously, but I PROMISE I WILL CHECK IT OUT, ALSO WHEN IS LORDE COMING BACK??????


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