VICKYBUB is a small personal blog where I dump things from my racing mind, sometimes in the form of poetry & fiction. I also love visuals, so photography is kind of a big deal here as well which I have yet to explore! I chose these methods to express myself and VICKYBUB is a result of it (though they probably chose me before I could choose them, tbh).

I also support and promote art, creativity, and teamwork, which is why I would happily accept collaborations and guest posts!
If you have something to tell, show or ask, please contact me. I’d be more than excited to listen and hopefully get involved!


If you love at least one thing that I’ve mentioned somewhere on this blog, please stick around, because I’m trying to be your friend at times that are good and not so much, in hopes that you can be mine too. I want to deliver an experience which you could enjoy ♥

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