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2017 🤝 2018: Hello Goodbye | The Future of The Past

Blabbers, Updates January 3, 2018

Happy New Year of 2018!
It’s January 3rd as I’m writing this post. We are back to writing our Dissertations with a jam-packed January ahead of us. No time to think about slacking for at least two months is the realisation that my peers and I have been coming to. But hey, how’s your year been already? 😄

Last December I wrote a post about the whole ‘new year, new me’ craze and why I think it’s bullshitGive it a read if you’re tired of always aiming to re-build yourself and then failing to introduce this new person into your own life because that’s not the way to introduce change!

Reading back on that post I realise I was not the one to set goals for myself or my blog but it might be because I started this blog last November, making a total of… wait for it… FIVE blog posts 😂😬 Sounds a bit whack but I know I was never the type to have constant flows of inspiration, especially when it comes to writing. I also remember being quite lost as to what I wanted to blog about so with every post it would get more difficult, until the point where I’d stop writing completely.

Regardless of that, in 2017 I blogged for a total of 10 times! That’s less than a post per month. Again, weak. 😬 But I’m happy I started posting more poetry and slowly started to explore niches, towards the end of the year embracing the ones I truly liked.

With this thought, I want to promise myself to keep exploring and keep writing. 2017 was a difficult year for me and my (mental) health, it was a year of realisation and 2018 will be a year of self-re-discovery. I’ve started a journey ever since I went to my first counselling session in November and have been getting better ever since.

I know this year I will be focusing on me as an individual and since this blog is a big part of me, I will be spending more time on it. Even though most bloggers say this and it seems like we all have the same promise every year – I will blog more – but I want to first write more, then publish quality content. 💪🏻

So, let’s continue working on our December 31st, 2017 selves. I’m already three days in and it feels liberating not to worry about being perfect. Actually, I did my very first mistake of the year exactly on the 2nd of January 😂


first mistake of 2018

@vb.planner on Instagram

Using the opportunity which is this post, I want to thank all of you who have been reading my blog. I want to think it’s only for me but I know it’s for you as well because it was my choice to make it public, just like it was your choice to read it.

I will keep a personal journal this year to improve myself but I will continue using this blog as an outlet for my art, creativity and learning. ❤️

Have a fantastic year! Make it one that it’s hard to forget and collect many stories to tell next year.




Big Talk + Updates

Blabbers, Updates October 21, 2017

I say another hello to you all on this windy Saturday afternoon. It’s two hours before I have to leave for work and Brian, The Storm has approached Dorset with random bursts of rain mixed with heavy winds. Though at the moment I see the sun in the distance and it brings some hope to me, just like this post brings hope to my blog.

Yes, I am here, writing again.

No, I won’t make this into yet another I’m back but how long will it last kind of posts.

Let’s just talk about how’s life been because I have catching up to do!



You’ve probably noticed that the look of my blog changed, in a good way! I was not feeling the previous design at all, it kept getting worse as time passed by so I’ve decided to spend some of it on figuring it out. Though I’m still working on the final design sheet which combines all features and attributes, I’m ecstatic with how the blog turned out! It’s so much more me now and I love coming back here on a daily basis (and that’s a good start).

I must say a huge thank you to my friend Maria who kindly accepted my call for help and drew an adorable moon which is featured in all headers and logos ♥ Can’t be happier with how it turned out and am embracing the embarrassment of looking at my own attempts to do it. I’m blessed to have such friends who, in the midst of commissions and assignments, still find time to help out.

Check out her Instagram below because your feed might be missing out on some beautiful art:

Life Lately

So, how’s your life been? Tell me while I try to recall anything important that I’ve done while on my hiatus. Really, type it in the comments! You probably have many interesting things to tell because I have been just working, thinking, moving to a new house, working, sleeping less, thinking more and to top all of that, I’m back to University again.

To make sense of it, the second year of uni finished, together with my mid-uni life crisis (which I will write a post about soon!) During the summer I worked a double-part-time-job just to save money before I move house. That money I invested into my new flat because, to put it nicely, it was kind of falling apart. Meaning, it took me around two months to fix my own room and furnish it properly but I have never been happier with how it turned out! I also met new people and spent most of my nights cruising through town and talking at the beach. The perks of living by the seaside!


What now?

During this whole time, I have done zero art, zero blog posts, zero stories and a minimal amount of photographs and poems. During this whole time, I thought about all those zero’s every single day. The lack of art in my daily life was reaching my limits and last summer me would have been panicking while drowning down the depths of anxiety, but one thing changed – and that’s my attitude. I can talk about it more in a future post but right now I’m content with myself. I plan to slowly go back to doing art and not just do it but also improve. Feeling excited about this one!


The future

Is bright. I will just do my own thing and you’re welcomed to keep an eye on it! My only promises are coming back to blogging, planning and doing art. The rest will come naturally, I hope.

So, how’s that comment going? Update me about your life :)

By the way, here is a list of places you should visit to see what I’m up to:

Art Instagram

Personal Instagram

Facebook Page


See you in the next post!

xoxo, v.

p. s. I finally realised why I redesign all my websites so much – it’s not because I can’t get it to be good enough, it’s because… coding them makes me relaxed 😁


#WorldPoetryDay: Ghosting (+updates)

Poetry, Updates, Word Art March 21, 2017

Happy national poetry day! I shall mark my calendar because I was not aware of this occasion up until some tweet notifications came through.

Today I want to quickly share a poem to celebrate this day. It is very recent, actually, from last night. I rarely get bursts of inspiration these days but yesterday ended with a bundle of overwhelming feelings I haven’t experienced in quite a while, and at 12 am this artpiece was born!

#nationalpoetryday: ghosting

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