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Etsy HAUL for my planner! | Stickers, Inserts & Stationery đŸ’•

Haul, planner January 12, 2018

Hello and welcome back under the moonlight! (That sounds kind of cute, considering my logo is a moon 🌙 Right?!.. Too cheesy, excuse me)

I hope you had a warm holiday and spent time with your loved ones, celebrated New Year and are living to most of your potential. 🎄

I am back with another post from my planner series! Last time I wrote about my kikki.k planner unboxing and now I’m so excited to talk about my first ever Etsy haul for it.

If shopping is also your therapy, you will get me. And I will appreciate that a lot.Planner Etsy Haul ItemsAs any other planner girl, I began browsing Etsy right when I received my planner and, as any other planner girl, I got incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of shops, designs and items available! I’ve seen many videos of people’s planners which were full of stuff: decorations, stickers and various bits and pieces of cute things that… I decided I wanted my planner to be simple. This decision narrowed my search drastically, it felt like a relief!

I dived into the world of inserts, stickers, dividers and accessories 😍 My planner mostly needed dividers and I wanted monthly as well as weekly inserts for 2018Planner Etsy Haul ItemsI ended up purchasing 2 sets of dividers, 4 sets of stickers, an accessory clip and a digital printable from these shops:

OlivaDesignCrafts (Watercolour Planner Dividers)Planner Etsy Haul Dividers OliviaDesignCrafts
MyPrettyWeek (Yellow Roses: Set of 5 Planner Dividers)Planner Etsy Haul Dividers MyPrettyWeekChoChoAndMimi (Me Time Planner Stickers)
LethbridgeCard (3 sets of stickers: Cute Panda Stickers; Vintage Suatelier Coffee Shop Stickers; Vinyl Watercolour Succulent Stickers)

Planner Etsy Haul Stickers LethbridgeCardPlanner Etsy Haul Stickers LethbridgeCard

ThePensnicketyCo (Panda Bear Resin Paper Clip*)


Planner Etsy Haul Panda Paper Clip ThePensnicketyCo

* unfortunately, this paper clip is not available in the shop anymore


byInma (Blog Post Planner Printable + Weekly Planner Printable)

To top it all off, I decided that since I’m going to do an Etsy HAUL, might as well go all in and place a massive first order from CrossbowPrintables – one of the most attractive shops out there for me so far. I found it on Etsy, however, ordered from their online shop.Planner Etsy Haul Inserts CrossbowPrintablesThe shopping list consisted of:

Translucent Quote Pages: A5 Planner Inserts
Business Planner: Printable Pack
Goal Planner: Printable Pack
and, my current favorite, Brass Stationery Gift Set which included a brass ruler, brass pen and brass tabs.

This set has already become my favourite stationery item of 2018 even though I got it in 2017 😄 Brass ruler has found its place in my kikki.K planner and the brass pen is the most comfortable pen in my collection as of now! I’m not sure what I will do when it runs out.Processed with VSCO with q1 preset

That is all from my first Etsy haul! As someone who is only starting out in this community, I turned this into an opportunity for myself to explore various products, their quality, presentation and function – all that is very interesting to me. I also contributed to my goal of supporting independent creators and their businesses! A secret ambition of mine is to start something similar of my own and this was the first step 😊

The second is to create something myself which I also did! Now I want to offer it to you as a free printable for your planner, too (A5 or Letter size). It’s a Focused Monthly Planner insert which lets you keep track of your priorities, goals and notes, month-by-month. I’m using it to plan my 2018, will you? 😉

Download (A5)
Download (Letter)

Etsy Planner Haul Free Printable Focused Monthly Planner


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kikki.K Planner Unboxing & (VERY) First Impressions

Blabbers, planner, Reviews, Series November 25, 2017

My dream to have everything I need in one place has finally come true. As someone who is always overwhelmed by the amount of information that is scattered all over my phone, notebooks and my own head, I’ve made one of the bigger investments in life. And honestly, it was one of the best ones I did.

When I say ‘bigger investment’, I mean that kikki.K planners are on the pricier side — and even though I was choosing from the SALE items on the shop, I gave away a bit.

Why kikki.K?

During my research, I’ve come across names like Erin Condren and Filofax yet my mind was already focused on kikki.K – it was a perfect choice because I’ve tried a ring planner before and it suited me best.  I would describe kikki.k as ‘gorgeous quality’ because it’s made from quality leather and the Swedish design matches my aesthetics well enough for me to spend a fortune on a planner.


First of all, I sent this package to the wrong address. Yay, me :^) It took me loads of emails and approximately a week of waiting impatiently until I got a text from one of the current tenants of my previous house that it arrived; I’ve never walked that fast and I’ve never held a package that carefully.

Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset

I order online a lot, therefore I unbox many packages during my days — but it’s a completely different story when you know that you’ve paid so much for a quality item. Unboxing then becomes this magical mix of expectations, nervousness and excitement.

I ordered a LARGE LEATHER PERSONAL PLANNER in GREY which, unfortunately, is not in the official shop at the moment.

It felt so fucking good to hold this planner in my hands. The leather felt amazing and the planner itself was comfortably heavy; as my first ever proper planner it was beyond satisfying!

I think kikki.K as a brand is well-established and quite cute. I like its authenticity and that it’s taking pride in being a Swedish brand; whether stereotyping this or not, but I feel like I can trust it. The greeting card was lovely and the box the planner came in is so good that I kept it for storing inserts and dividers I decided not to use for now.

‘Gorgeous exterior’. Oh, how I agree.

I love the number of pockets the planner has because I do love carrying everything I fucking own with me. Honestly, no sarcasm here, nothing fits in any of my bags… Anyways, see that notepad up there? Cute, right?!

The first thing I did was spill coffee on it. Love being this clumsy.

Monogramming was another feature that spoke to my soul because this girl (me) will never waste an opportunity to personalise things. You could choose up to 5 characters and how perfectly does my name fit on it? Bless.

Final thoughts

I’ve been using this planner for a month now and I’ve been very happy with it. I can customise it as much as I want, I can keep everything I need inside and I can finally feel less stressed about scattering my thoughts, reminders and notes all over the place.

The only disadvantage to me was that it took a while to arrive and I could not find the tracking number — none of the order numbers worked for tracking so I was left confused the whole time, hoping for the best. It might be just that I could not see it, therefore, it’s not a disadvantage but primarily my own fault but I ordered from kikki.K the second time recently yet still could not track my parcel. Any ideas?

Overall, I LOVE IT. I’m so excited to personalise it even more and find the perfect planning method for myself. I have so many plans for the future of this blog and myself, that kikki.K will keep me on track every step of the way. I also don’t plan to try any other planner anytime soon! #loyal? We will see. (I already want to buy a pocket planner, help)

Future posts

Since this post got out of hand in length, I’ve decided to split it and write another one about my planner set up! I’ve also already had one Etsy haul so it should be an exciting one. Let me know if there’s anything in particular that you would want me to show in the next post!

Thank you for reading! This post was not sponsored and everything I wrote was genuinely the thoughts of an excited human being. I wish kikki.K sponsored me, wow.

P. S. If you’re interested in more of my planner things, follow my planner Instagram!

vika, xx

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