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Favourite Pins of The Week

Design, Recommendations, Visuals November 18, 2016

I once had a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Back in the day when I was younger and didn’t know many good things, I was constantly on We Heart It – creating collections of pretty images that barely served any purpose to me. Fair enough, though, as it was all I needed at the time!

I remember being aware of Pinterest, but completely against it. I might have found it difficult to use, or, ironically enough, useless. Yes, yes, the site from which I get a lot of inspiration now, once looked completely pointless to me.

Not anymore! After getting interested in design, I’ve been creating boards, following people and pinning, pinning, pinning… It’s become my main source of inspiration now. So today I really want to share a few of my favourite pins from this week! Read More