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Big Talk + Updates

Blabbers, Updates October 21, 2017

I say another hello to you all on this windy Saturday afternoon. It’s two hours before I have to leave for work and Brian, The Storm has approached Dorset with random bursts of rain mixed with heavy winds. Though at the moment I see the sun in the distance and it brings some hope to me, just like this post brings hope to my blog.

Yes, I am here, writing again.

No, I won’t make this into yet another I’m back but how long will it last kind of posts.

Let’s just talk about how’s life been because I have catching up to do!



You’ve probably noticed that the look of my blog changed, in a good way! I was not feeling the previous design at all, it kept getting worse as time passed by so I’ve decided to spend some of it on figuring it out. Though I’m still working on the final design sheet which combines all features and attributes, I’m ecstatic with how the blog turned out! It’s so much more me now and I love coming back here on a daily basis (and that’s a good start).

I must say a huge thank you to my friend Maria who kindly accepted my call for help and drew an adorable moon which is featured in all headers and logos ♥ Can’t be happier with how it turned out and am embracing the embarrassment of looking at my own attempts to do it. I’m blessed to have such friends who, in the midst of commissions and assignments, still find time to help out.

Check out her Instagram below because your feed might be missing out on some beautiful art:

Life Lately

So, how’s your life been? Tell me while I try to recall anything important that I’ve done while on my hiatus. Really, type it in the comments! You probably have many interesting things to tell because I have been just working, thinking, moving to a new house, working, sleeping less, thinking more and to top all of that, I’m back to University again.

To make sense of it, the second year of uni finished, together with my mid-uni life crisis (which I will write a post about soon!) During the summer I worked a double-part-time-job just to save money before I move house. That money I invested into my new flat because, to put it nicely, it was kind of falling apart. Meaning, it took me around two months to fix my own room and furnish it properly but I have never been happier with how it turned out! I also met new people and spent most of my nights cruising through town and talking at the beach. The perks of living by the seaside!


What now?

During this whole time, I have done zero art, zero blog posts, zero stories and a minimal amount of photographs and poems. During this whole time, I thought about all those zero’s every single day. The lack of art in my daily life was reaching my limits and last summer me would have been panicking while drowning down the depths of anxiety, but one thing changed – and that’s my attitude. I can talk about it more in a future post but right now I’m content with myself. I plan to slowly go back to doing art and not just do it but also improve. Feeling excited about this one!


The future

Is bright. I will just do my own thing and you’re welcomed to keep an eye on it! My only promises are coming back to blogging, planning and doing art. The rest will come naturally, I hope.

So, how’s that comment going? Update me about your life :)

By the way, here is a list of places you should visit to see what I’m up to:

Art Instagram

Personal Instagram

Facebook Page


See you in the next post!

xoxo, v.

p. s. I finally realised why I redesign all my websites so much – it’s not because I can’t get it to be good enough, it’s because… coding them makes me relaxed 😁



the most liberating thing

Blabbers September 9, 2017

for me today was

waking up early after weeks of oversleeping; getting out of the house after winning a debate with myself and feeling comfortable with it.

It was the fact that I was out there, going to new places, fucking up and figuring it out, feeling little to no shame about it. It was the fact that I was taking care of myself, showing me off in such ways like wearing no makeup and having no expectations.
And it was mainly the fact that I could look at the reflection of every car window and,
for once, think that

‘hey, i’m actually quite alright’cyclingp.s. i’ll be back soon

{#2} hopeless

Poetry, Word Art March 3, 2017

The year of 2015 was the peak of my writing. Everything was so unexplored yet so genuine. As I was growing and taking the first steps towards more serious and consistent ways of expressing myself, the emotion was very raw and there was a lot of it.

Now, one day I skimmed through my previous files and looked at my writing blog just to find a piece of poetry that I consider to be the longest and the most honest one I’ve ever written. It was the only time I remember having such spark of inspiration. Hopelessness was part of it and the title of this post is, indeed, dramatic but so is this piece!

A little backstory: it was written in April, 2015. During that time, I was approaching my final high school exams and graduation. I – someone who was not getting the grades she wanted, who was losing interest in academic success, who was starting to explore herself and whose explorations scared the living shit out of her. I think I was also starting to get to know art, graphics and editing, but it was really hard to do without any artistic background or education. With art, there also was an issue of exposure – putting your work for people to see. Long story short, I was developing a habit of hating my work. Additionally to that, there was a collision of worlds: senior year of high school, upcoming adulthood and a new life ahead were weighing heavily on my shoulders. 

And even though some issues were tackled, new ones were born, I grew as a person and am handling myself well enough, this piece remains very important to me. It’s the manifesto to the loss of innocence; to growth; to adolescence; to blooming dreams of a youngster.

It’s a song to my rebelliously ambitious self. Sung as a contradiction to itself.

— Don’t think of it too much, just enjoy —


2016 in photos

2016 In Photos

In Photos, Photography, Series, Visuals January 11, 2017

Well, well, well. If we all casually and collectively whip out our watches (or unlock our phone screens, I don’t know what I meant by watches either, is it the 21st century or not??) we will see that today is the 11th of January.

That is already 11 days of the New Year. The beautiful, promising 2017! And if we look at this post’s title, what conclusions can we make?

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{#1} ill

Poetry, Word Art January 5, 2017

Today I felt ill. In a state between consciousness and silence, there was a stumbling me. As I dizzily made my way to the bathroom, my body was on fire and one glance at the mirror had me staring back, through blood.
As I walked, bones broke. As I touched, felt heat instead of skin. It’s not pleasant. And at that state of mind, one of a boiling egg, I started vomiting words.

Happens a lot.

Though not particularly often in given situation. But I listened. And then wrote, surprisingly steadily, knowing that five minutes ago I had to lean against walls.

At first I thought I was writing about my physical symptoms but later on felt something more. The anxiousness of my life fell directly into the same lines below.

On fire;

The body was on fire;
Awaiting death or

Burning with desire;
Blood traces;

The eyes shot blood

And traced it;
While step by step it

All becomes too wasted;

The only difference was that after a few days, the physical symptoms will pass.