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October In Photos

In Photos, Series November 1, 2017

It’s the end of October and I am bringing back my In Photos series! I like to think that they’re not recaps from my Instagram or a random selection of photos from my camera roll but actually, they’re pretty random lol. I know I don’t take enough pictures in my daily life so whatever I have, I try to edit them and put into collages. The rest is up to you – do you think they’re simply visually appealing or maybe they tell a story?

Whatever the case, here is my October in photos:











I hope you enjoyed and I hope October was good for you. Now let’s freeze to death, hello November!

xx, v.


One Morning In Photos

In Photos, Photography, Series, Visuals April 7, 2017

I love mornings. I love leaving the blinds open at night so I could wake up to the morning sun.

I love when there actually is sun in the morning. It brings hope, wiping everything from yesterday off and literally bringing light to a new day. The sun brings a promise that maybe this day will be different, maybe things will slowly move forward, maybe you will get the chance to do better.

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What the sun doesn’t bring is a plan for the maybe’s. Ten minutes in and it’s up to you to get up and face everything.

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This year I have been lucky to have my bedroom window facing the east and this spring season starting incredibly sunnily. I get to experience such warmth and beauty, even the bedsheets become less welcoming in the presence of the morning sun. What a queen.

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Most mornings are successful. This set of photos is from one of such.

—  I hope you liked this experimental photoset! Let me know in the comments if you’re a morning person: the rare kind 👀 —

First Time With LALALAB.

Blabbers, Recommendations March 1, 2017

Here’s a thing: on this blog, we obsess over print. And it doesn’t really matter what kind of printed objects – I love them all. There’s something about the combination of paper and ink giving a physical shape to a beautifully visual concept.

And what can be more visual than photos? Even though photo printing is not a new thing (this is the part when I start to miss all those old and dusty family photo albums together with the memory of knowing that the local Fujifilm shop has printed our pictures and someone needs to go pick them up; how exciting!), the obsession with picture collages and the recent trend of Instax cameras and polaroids have made photos a very must thing to have. Without having to lie that I don’t need an Instax when I just can’t afford it, and saying that polaroids are becoming overrated when I really want to wallpaper my room with them, I can confess to being a victim of this phenomenon, trend and movement.

But I am no photographer, yet there’s something extremely fascinating about holding a physical copy of something you’ve captured and created. Something that holds meaning and brings back emotions or memories. By looking at it while playing with the light reflecting from the glossy surface, you experience a thrill that no screen can convey.

polaroid wall

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2016 in photos

2016 In Photos

In Photos, Photography, Series, Visuals January 11, 2017

Well, well, well. If we all casually and collectively whip out our watches (or unlock our phone screens, I don’t know what I meant by watches either, is it the 21st century or not??) we will see that today is the 11th of January.

That is already 11 days of the New Year. The beautiful, promising 2017! And if we look at this post’s title, what conclusions can we make?

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Current Reading List + Book Wishlist

Blabbers, Uncategorized December 28, 2016

Sometimes I look back and can’t believe that I used to be a bookworm. And it’s not because I can’t imagine myself with a book or am not the type to enjoy reading anymore. No, it’s because I haven’t touched a book in such a long time that just thinking about it makes me silently go ‘woah.’

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